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Beekeeping Up Close


Majestic View Nature Center
7030 Garrison St 80004 Arvada United States
Saturdays, June 11, 18 and 25 in outdoor classroom
Adults, $15 per class or $40 for series

This 3 part series will build on the basic information presented in Introduction to Backyard Beekeeping. Each week will cover a different topic relating to beekeeping and include a visit to the observation area of Pioneer Farmsteaders’ bee yard for an up close look at the bees. Sign up in advance.

Part I. Getting to Know Bees, June 11
Review different varieties of honeybees and their strengths and weaknesses in the backyard setting. Discuss different types of hives and beekeeping techniques. Visit the bee yard to learn about the life stages of the honeybee and the beekeeper's role at each stage.

Part II. Problems in the Hive, June 18
Discuss hive problems including parasites, diseases, fertility and nutritional issues. Visit the bee yard to look for problems, but hopefully we won't find any!

Part III. Year Two and Beyond, June 25
We've spent quite a bit of time going through how to start a beehive, but what happens next? Discuss splitting hives to start new hives, refreshing queens, and managing the established beehive.